How to Design an Engagement Ring

'She wants something simple', 'She doesn't really wear jewellery', 'She suggested I'd propose with a ring pull'. These are some of the briefs we get for engagement rings. How do you design an engagement ring when this is all the info you get out of your girlfriend? Figuring out what she wants There is no... Continue Reading →

It Takes Two… to Design

We can only be as daring as our customers. It takes a customer who is open to an unusual design, for us to be able to make it. We can sketch and suggest wild options, but they only become jewellery if the customer wants to wear it. This customer was very open to suggestions. She... Continue Reading →

A repair that lead to a second proposal

We recently repaired a ring that had a broken claw and the customers were so pleased that they wrote a blog post about their experience. Thank you for the nice comments, A&W. We wanted to share it here, because it also explains the process clearly. Following excerpt is re-published with permission from A&W - The Couple... Continue Reading →

Three-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

Junhan wanted something special to propose with. He knew that Yiz would want something custom made, something that could not be found off the shelf. He described her personality and style and left it up to us to suggest a design. We understood that Yiz is playful, and likes to post her #ootd, yet wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Engagement Rings with Gemstones

Diamonds may be beautiful and sparkly, but they have recently been getting competition from other coloured gemstones as centrepieces in Engagement Rings. Coloured gemstones are stunning and unusual - both being traits that are favourable when designing an engagement ring. The variety of colours and shapes can also make gemstones more suitable for each individual's personality.... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Proposal Item

Vincent contacted us to have a Proposal Pendant made. Being an unusual choice, we decided to ask him some questions. Traditionally, people propose with a ring. You chose to make a Pendant to propose with. Could you explain why.  First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank More Than Diamonds for the... Continue Reading →

Are you planning to Propose?

We design many engagement rings for guys who want to surprise their girlfriends. This seems to be the most popular way to propose, although an increasing number of couples come in to design their rings together as well. Custom designing such a significant item for your partner is beautiful. But it's not always easy. Sometimes, guys think... Continue Reading →

Celtic Beauty

For this couple who met in James Joyce's hometown of Dublin, a Celtic inspired design was the obvious choice for the proposal ring. We discussed her likes and dislikes with the proposer, and figured out that Silver would be a good choice – One of her favourite (Celtic) bracelets is made in oxidized silver and... Continue Reading →

A Very Symbolic Set of Rings

This couple created such a meaningful set of Engagement and Wedding rings: Her engagement ring is made using a diamond from her father-in-law's old ring, reset into a plain solitaire setting. The casing that remained after removing the Diamond, is now set with a Blue Sapphire with a modernised bezel setting, and worn by the... Continue Reading →

The twin-proposal ring

He goes down on one knee, brings out the box and asks to spend the rest of your days together. Can it get any better than this? Actually, it can. Because inside the box is not one - but TWO engagement rings, custom designed just for you. DS spent many days trying to find out... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Blue Box

We are pretty sure that every girl would be happy to receive Tiffany's famous Blue Box. But there might be something even more precious than that. Imagine your boyfriend /fiancee/husband sneaking around, working hard to figure out exactly what type of gemstone or design you would want. Or knowing that he himself feels the need to express his love... Continue Reading →

Will You Goldilocks™ Me?

Have you ever considered a proposal without a ring? For many people an engagement ring is a symbol of the proposal and what people often ask to see when you are engaged. But times are changing, and young people are looking at options that suit them better. Eugene is one of them, and this is... Continue Reading →

Our Wedding Rings

Since choosing your wedding rings can be a tricky yet important decision in your wedding planning, we'll give you some insights into our own discussions. Chris designed this engagement ring as a secret and threw it in the sea. Read more about the proposal on Wedding Guide Asia. According to Swedish custom, both the lady... Continue Reading →

What shape are you?

Do you love Diamonds but  are not sure that you want a Round one? Fancy Cut Diamonds might not be as common as the Round Brilliant ones, but they are definitely just as striking. You probably already know the Round Diamond. Now, let's take a look at some fancy shapes. We took a few snap... Continue Reading →

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