Engagement Rings with Gemstones

Diamonds may be beautiful and sparkly, but they have recently been getting competition from other coloured gemstones as centrepieces in Engagement Rings. Coloured gemstones are stunning and unusual – both being traits that are favourable when designing an engagement ring. The variety of colours and shapes can also make gemstones more suitable for each individual’s personality.


B-Sapphire_RingClean and Modern. A Blue Sapphire set with large squarish claws. For the lady who dares to be different.



GreenTourmaline_RingThe colour of this Green Tourmaline is nicely complemented by the Original White Gold setting, adding a vintage charm. 



A rare Red Spinel sits well protected in a full bezel with a simple rounded band. Hidden details on side of bezel.


Green-Sapphire_RingDid you know that Sapphires come in green as well? Simple bezel set Solitaire matched with a vintage inspired Diamond Eternity Ring. 



A sweet flower made up of Garnet petals and a White Topaz centrepiece. Set in Rose Gold to to match the warm colour of the gemstones. 


If you have missed The Twin-Proposal Ring with two different types of colour gemstones, make sure to check it out for more inspiration.

If you, like Vincent, want Gemstones but don’t want a ring – read A Different Kind of Proposal Item


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