A repair that lead to a second proposal

We recently repaired a ring that had a broken claw and the customers were so pleased that they wrote a blog post about their experience. Thank you for the nice comments, A&W. We wanted to share it here, because it also explains the process clearly. Following excerpt is re-published with permission from A&W – The Couple Blog.

ABBEY: The diamond on the engagement ring I gave to Wilma became loose. At first I planned to have it fixed once we go back to Philippines since I bought it there. But Wilma tried to search for a jeweler in Singapore so she can wear her ring again. That’s when we knew about the service of More Than Diamonds.

We went to their showroom at Tanglin Road (131 Tanglin Road, #02-16 Tudor Court, Singapore 247924). And it’s closed. Visiting is only by appointment and we didn’t have that. Seeing there’s somebody inside, Wilma knocked at the door and Chris greeted us. He didn’t shoo us away but instead welcomed us and asked how can he be of service. We told the ring’s story and he examined it. He quoted us 110SGD to fix the broken claw that holds the stone and for plating. He searched for unique marks in the diamond for us to make sure that it is still our diamond when we come back. I also learned that you can put laser inscription on it. Wow. After two weeks of waiting, I was amazed of the beauty of the ring; all cleaned and sparkling. Thanks Chris and team.  More Than Diamonds is literally more than diamonds. They know the value of their clients and their clients’ precious possessions.


WILL:  OMGGGG!!!! I am in shock when I examine the diamond clinging for its life on my engagement ring. That is when we are at Centara Ras Fushi. Imagine, if I didn’t notice it, the whole vacation in Maldives will be ruined because of such loss. Blessed to detect just on time.

While Abbey is taking a nap, I can’t control myself to look for an expert help. I found More Than Diamonds in facebook and right there and then, I send them private message. Surprisingly minutes passed and someone replied.

Abbey and I scheduled it to be done by November. Yes, 3 months after. Yes, we have a very busy schedule. For that 3 months I feel so incomplete. Haha! November 14, we went to their office, without appointment (please book a schedule) we are just lucky that we were accommodated by Chris that time, maybe he feels my desperation about the ring, haha.

Chris educated us about the diamond. That it has a birthmark and you can encrypt some messages inside (isn’t cool?). Then, he found out that one of 4 tower that hold the diamond was cut-off. He charged my husband for $110.00 for cleaning, plating and repair.

Weeks after, Abbey proposed again to me, using the same ring. Haha. So kilig!

Thanks More Than Diamonds for saving one of the most precious thing in our married life. 

Do you have jewellery that needs repairing or maybe even redesigning? Contact us and we are happy to discuss options together with you.

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