Just a Minute: Lily Beckett

Nicholas Petrucci is based in London, but knew about More than Diamonds through a friend. When starting his search for an engagement ring, Nick already knew that he would not be looking for a Diamond. Finally he found an Opal Ring he liked and was certain that his fiancée would too. We had an email... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Diamonds: Asscher Cut

Looking to Hollywood for inspiration when buying an engagement ring might not be the best way to find something within your budget. However, celebrities are trendsetters and often dare to be different, so a little stargazing can help you with ideas. It might come as a surprise to some people, that while most celebrity Diamonds... Continue Reading →

Dressing up your Diamond

Ever wonder how different settings affect the look of a Diamond ring? Here are two Diamonds of 1.50ct, with the same dimensions in two different ring settings. Our two examples here are a Classic 6-claw setting with a thin slightly tapered band on the left, and a 4-claw setting with a rounded broad band on... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Carat

Being in the trade, people often ask us How big should the Diamond be? What do girls expect? We get these questions from customers, friends, and even people who are nowhere near engagement, but simply curious. The only right answer to that in our opinion, is ‘up to you’. It really depends on how much you... Continue Reading →

Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds are without a doubt the most popular precious stone used for engagement rings and wedding bands, but an increasing number of people are seeing the benefits of also letting other gemstones symbolize their love and commitment. Throughout history, European royalty have used Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies as symbols of their wealth and power, but they... Continue Reading →

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