Will You Goldilocks™ Me?

Have you ever considered a proposal without a ring? For many people an engagement ring is a symbol of the proposal and what people often ask to see when you are engaged. But times are changing, and young people are looking at options that suit them better. Eugene is one of them, and this is his story:

What made you choose a Goldilocks to propose with? When I decided to propose to my girlfriend, Wanlin, I knew I needed a piece of jewellery. After some hinting from her here and there, I concluded that she didn’t want a proposal ring. On top of that, I have no idea of her ring size, so it would be hard for me to get a ring for her. So what I thought of next was a necklace. She lacks of a lovely necklace to go with her nice clothes. My friends thought it was a good idea too, provided the pendant had a meaningful design, for example, Wanlin’s and my initials.

I then started to search online for jewellery shops that provide customized design pendant service. Goldilocks was one of the first I found. The moment I saw the pendants designed by Goldilocks, I fell in love with them. The designs are simple yet elegant. To be honest, I didn’t go to Goldilocks straight. I took Goldilocks’s pendant designs as reference and went to another shop which my friend recommended. When they tried to design a pendant for me, the result was utterly disappointing. That’s when I knew I must turn to Goldilocks. After a few days, I received 2 mock designs from Goldilocks and they were both stunningly beautiful.

Could you explain what the WE stands for? It stands for Wanlin & Eugene. I guess you can also read it as “we”.

How are you planning to propose? To cut a long story short, I will be proposing at Siloso beach, and some of our friends will be gathered there to witness and be part of the proposal. I hope (I’m sure) Wanlin will like the necklace.

We had to hold this post until Eugene proposed so that the information would not leak to his girlfriend. He has now notified us that all went well, so we publish this for Eugene and Wanlin – Wishing you both all the best! 

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