How to Design an Engagement Ring

‘She wants something simple’, ‘She doesn’t really wear jewellery’, ‘She suggested I’d propose with a ring pull‘. These are some of the briefs we get for engagement rings. How do you design an engagement ring when this is all the info you get out of your girlfriend?

Figuring out what she wants

There is no One-size-fits-all when it comes to Engagement Ring design. The design must be based on her style and habits so that she can love and wear it every day. Helpful friends – and strangers – might say that an engagement ring has to be diamond, others will say you ‘can’t go wrong’ with a classic solitaire, but you know your girlfriend best and you’re the one who will propose.

Simple but Oh, so right for the wearer. An unusual gemstone adds personality to an otherwise classic setting.

Left to Right: Moonstone in 6-claw setting, handcrafted in 18K Original White Gold.
Rose Quartz placed horizontally in 4-claw setting, handcrafted in 18K Rose Gold.
Opal in 4-claw setting, handcrafted in 18K White Gold.

Deciding what to make

One way for you to get ideas, is reading this blog. You might find a design you like or a particular story that gives you inspiration. It could be symbolism or a particular design style. Some choose her birthstone as the centrepiece. Numbers often hold significance to people. It could be a common lucky number, the number of years together or your first date. But usually, the reason you have come to us, is that you want things simpler than most options out there. An engagement ring, really only needs to say ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’

Blue Sapphire Centrepiece with three small diamonds on each side, handcrafted in 18K original white gold.

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