The twin-proposal ring

He goes down on one knee, brings out the box and asks to spend the rest of your days together. Can it get any better than this? Actually, it can. Because inside the box is not one – but TWO engagement rings, custom designed just for you. DS spent many days trying to find out exactly what shape and tone of gemstone his girlfriend would like. I repeat, tone of gemstone. He definitely gets bonus points for paying attention to details.

When selecting the stones, he found that although the Aquamarine would be the  stone that she would love, he himself, fancied the Tanzanite (the darker blue). That brought about the idea of making two rings – that could either be worn together or on their own.

The rings fit perfectly together and have a nice contrast between matte and high polished finish.

Rather than a classic design, we knew (thanks to DS’s research) that his fiancee would appreciate something that was based on form and shape, with architectural as a key word. This was going to be an interesting project!

When two become one’ Gorgeous apart, absolutely unique when worn together…

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    1. Thank You Allison. We sourced the stones and made this ring at More than Diamonds, following discussions with the customer.

      If you are interested in custom designed jewellery, feel free to get in contact with us.

      Regards/Chris & Sara

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