Beyond the Blue Box

We are pretty sure that every girl would be happy to receive Tiffany’s famous Blue Box. But there might be something even more precious than that. Imagine your boyfriend /fiancee/husband sneaking around, working hard to figure out exactly what type of gemstone or design you would want. Or knowing that he himself feels the need to express his love in just the right way. After all, he wants to impress, so why should the proposal ring (or gift) be any different? Custom making jewellery is a delicate process where every aspect of the design can be planned and adjusted according the the customers’ requests. 

This is how a custom made journey might start… He sends us his idea and we work from there. 

Although Tiffany& Co is a lovely choice, he will definitely have to put more time and effort into the process if custom making a piece of jewellery. We are not saying that Tiffany’s rings are not pretty, and we do know that the Blue Box is very well received. But nothing says I Love You like a personally designed,  handcrafted piece.

Two very different custom designed engagement rings – ready to impress!

Examples of custom made Proposal Rings:
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