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Since choosing your wedding rings can be a tricky yet important decision in your wedding planning, we’ll give you some insights into our own discussions.

Wide wedding ring with embedded diamonds

Chris designed this engagement ring as a secret and threw it in the sea. Read more about the proposal on Wedding Guide Asia.

According to Swedish custom, both the lady – and the man – wear engagement rings from the time of engagement. So following the surprise proposal, we wanted Chris to wear a ring as well. The man will usually wear the same ring for the wedding, while the bride adds a second ring to the finger.

Matching matte and wide wedding rings

Since we designed Chris’ ring before considering wedding bands, his engagement/wedding ring matches Sara’s engagement ring – not the wedding ring.

When it came to Sara’s wedding ring, the choices were slightly limited because of the width of the engagement ring. The new ring needed to be slim to even fit the finger! Being a fan of 2-tone, Sara considered getting a very slim flat band in Yellow Gold to add to the first one, but did not want it to be too chunky and heavy looking.

Checking the mockup to ensure that the size is right before setting the Diamonds

In the end, the result was a ring that was the total opposite of the engagement ring. A combination of a chunky, modern Engagement band and a vintage inspired delicate Eternity Ring.Wedding and engagement ring combo

Two very different styles, yet somehow matching….

The Diamond Eternity Ring was made following the thickness of the engagement ring so that they would fit nicely together. Now, they fit so snug, that people often think that it is all one ring – and that must be a good sign that they are well matched…. 🙂

All three rings on display with Sara’s wedding shoes as ring pillows. 

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