A Different Kind of Proposal Item

Vincent contacted us to have a Proposal Pendant made. Being an unusual choice, we decided to ask him some questions.

Traditionally, people propose with a ring. You chose to make a Pendant to propose with. Could you explain why. 

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank More Than Diamonds for the wonderful journey into settling me with the ideal piece of proposal item.

As for the reason of settling for a pendant, it is easy – it’s not about making a statement, or standing out; it is simply something Joanna wished to have. A pendant should be a pleasant centrepiece to compliment her features. Moreover, a diamond ring may infringe the simplicity our future wedding bands (which we will look forward to discussing with you again!)


Proposal Pendant with Amber and Onyx facing front and Peridot resting on the skin. 

You came to us with a clear idea of which gemstones you needed. What is the significance of the stones? 

I had a pretty definitive idea of a simple piece of jewellery that would fit her and be suitable for daily wear. Along with her nonchalance towards diamonds, the concept of instilling meanings or purposes rather than designs into the jewellery.

I then chose three of her Leo birthstones, each with their benefits when placed against the throat chakra. They are said to bring about positivity to the mood, constitution and wealth. Along with sessions of consultation by Sara and Chris, I’m glad to say we came up with something worth more than diamonds to Joanna and myself.

ProposalPendant_sketchCould you tell us about the process (from idea to ready piece) and your experience of custom making the Pendant.

Starting from how I got to know about More than Diamonds, Joanna once shared an article with me while we were on the topic of wedding band (The duck ring). While it became a passing conversation, I did my thorough homework and read deeper into the blog. I must say, you guys left the best impression from the designs I browsed through! So I dropped an enquiry and arranged for an appointment to start the ball rolling.

With the initial design I had, Chris worked me through various alternatives and fine tuned my idea into a feasible design. On the next appointment when I saw the sketch he did, I knew that was the one. It didn’t take long to finalise the length, size, weight, material, finishing… I was simply guided to the optimum design with their industry know-how.

I had to contain my excitement until the jewellery was really to be fitted. They showed me the core, before the stones were fitted and I loved it there. But I failed to factor in the necklace, fortunately, Sara was there to advise on the suitable chain that befits my awaited piece.

All that’s left to do now is to propose!


Why did you choose to custom make? 

Because I believe that a significant article should contain more meaning that it’s material worth. Customizing a meaningful item as such brings value no amount of money can buy. And of course, in it there is an assurance to say there no one else like your special one.

Thank you More than Diamonds for making this journey a most enriching and satisfying purchase.

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