Three-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

Junhan wanted something special to propose with. He knew that Yiz would want something custom made, something that could not be found off the shelf. He described her personality and style and left it up to us to suggest a design.

We understood that Yiz is playful, and likes to post her #ootd, yet wouldn’t want something that was too loud or common. We also knew that green would be the gemstone colour of choice. What we came up with was a pretty unusual idea and we were not quite sure what J would think of it.

We have a design idea that we are very excited about. It is a whole concept – a slightly different approach to jewellery design. Since Yiz seems to be a quirky, multi-faceted girl, our suggestion is to make a Stack of Engagement Rings. It is a playful way of jazzing up the seriousness of the ring(s), but also allows her to change from day to day to suit her mood (and #ootd)

Luckily, he liked the idea and we fine tuned the designs for our next meeting

Concept: 3 rings with different (green) gemstones, to be worn together – or separately. Each gemstone and ring is selected and designed for her – but even more unique is the way they are given and worn – together.

When the proposal was done, we heard back from both Junhan and Yiz. She loved the rings as well as the concept! She is even exceeding our expectations by wearing the rings (or some of them) on different fingers different days. It is as if three engagement rings were just what she needed 🙂

We are currently discussing their wedding rings and will be updating you on that too.

Thank You Junhan for the lovely pictures!

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