Custom Designing for Her

Most people who come to us want something that is not available in other shops. Something that is special and made only for them. They want to propose with something that comes from the heart. Often that requires more effort than simply shopping around among existing designs – but all that work pays off in the end.

engagementring_designSketching design options for a Solitaire Engagement Ring

If there is one ring that can not be bought readymade – it is the proposal ring. Although it historically has filled a function of ‘security’ for the woman, it is today mainly expected to show that you know your partner and her taste. And a ring that should be part you, part her needs to be made by you – for her.


Call us romantics, but we believe that if you design a ring for her – research, plan and select just the perfect gemstone – she can’t but love the ring. And hopefully, you have a pretty good hunch she will say Yes before you pop the question. Either way, it shouldn’t be the ring that determines the answer…

engagementringsA taste of our custom designed Engagement Rings – with Diamonds and Colour Gemstones


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