A Drop of Dew, Reinterpreted

K's husband gave her a promise ring when they started dating, more than 30 years ago. The pearl had fallen off quite some time ago and she had found a new pearl. The new pearl was larger than the original pearl, and the ring was starting to seem a little too thin and delicate so... Continue Reading →

Redesigning Diamond Rings

C needed to repair her engagement ring and also wanted to redesign her wedding ring so that it would sit nicely next to the engagement ring. We made the wedding ring with a slight curve and chose a different type of claws for the Diamonds, so that the ring would look more delicate. Sketch of... Continue Reading →

Redesigning Inherited Jewellery

When redesigning jewellery that has been inherited from dear family members, we often try to see if there are any elements from the original design that could remain intact or be incorporated into a new design. Old Jewellery holds sentimental value, and it is quite special to be able to bring forward something from the... Continue Reading →

Wedding Ring in the Wash…

KH came to us with his wedding ring in pieces - several pieces! His ring had accidentally gone with his clothes through a whole washing and he had to open up the machine to get all the pieces back. From our reconstruction, it seems he did a really good job! He even found the Diamond... Continue Reading →

Figuring Out Your Dreams

The great thing about custom designing is that your options are endless. But this can also be the most difficult part of the custom making process, because you need to narrow your options down to make a decision. Some people have a very clear idea of what they like - and others have a wider... Continue Reading →

How We Do It: Redesign

Many of you own jewellery that you would like to change the design of, but are not sure how to go about it. The process will of course depend on your ideas, your existing items, what we can come up with, etc. But here is an example of the process, so you better know what to expect. Before... Continue Reading →

Inherited Diamond for Engagement Ring

L brought us a ring that had belonged to his Oma (grandmother) that he wanted to set into a ring design that would better suit his future wife. From the start, we had to throw tradition out the window, as he wanted a ring that was curved around the finger, but did not join on top. The continuous circle of a ring... Continue Reading →

Redesign – the Diamond Edition

We often redesign jewellery that people have been given and don't like the design of. Sometimes it is not just about look but also about function and practicality. 1. Diamonds not in proportion to the centrepiece or the ring as a whole C came to us with a ring that she had recently made with a jeweller... Continue Reading →

Emerald Necklace – From Dressy to Classy

Ivy had an old Emerald necklace that she wanted refreshed. The necklace was set on an Omega chain with Diamonds surrounding each Emerald in a classic, yet old fashioned way. The necklace was also a bit too dressy to wear frequently. Old Emerald and Diamond necklace with sketch of the refreshed design.  We saw the potential in keeping the Omega... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Necklace

Lesley brought an old ring in for resetting. Using her existing Diamonds, we redesigned them into this playful, asymmetrical ring. She was very happy with the look of her ring - modern and fun, with the Unplated White Gold highlighting the Diamonds even better than her old ring. Recently, her husband came in to make an Anniversary present, and... Continue Reading →

Resetting: From Square to Octagon

Jonathan's wife had lost a small Diamond in her engagement ring, so instead of just repairing it, he took the opportunity to refresh the whole ring. He wanted to change the ring into a beautiful long lasting design, while keeping the squarish feel of the original. We added more corners to the surrounding 'halo' to... Continue Reading →

As simple as simple gets

A Solitaire Ring should be just that - a solitary Diamond on a band that makes it wearable on a finger. Too many details will take away the attention from the Diamond. Below are a few examples of simplicity at its best. Princess Cut Diamond on a modern flat band with brushed finish. Simple, modern,... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Mr Valentine

Please tell us why you contacted More than Diamonds.  I needed to bring my wife's grandmothers old ring to life by replacing the lost stone. How did you find out about us? Google search, nice and easy! Could you explain in a few words what the process was like. The process was easy, I left... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Three Diamonds

Angeline wanted to use a Diamond from her existing ring to make a Goldilocks necklace, which gave her 2 extra Diamonds to set into another piece of jewellery. She chose to make a fine bracelet, with a small charm in the shape of a clover, for Luck. A custom designed Goldilocks Pendant with initials and... Continue Reading →

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