Redesigning Inherited Jewellery

When redesigning jewellery that has been inherited from dear family members, we often try to see if there are any elements from the original design that could remain intact or be incorporated into a new design. Old Jewellery holds sentimental value, and it is quite special to be able to bring forward something from the old design while also making it wearable for oneself. Following are examples of small changes that make all the difference.

 Before and after diamond ringThe top of old-fashioned Ring gets a new lease of life on a simple white gold band. The chunky yellow gold band made this ring look outdated and heavy. With a new band in white gold, which slims in toward the centrepiece, the floral design is as sweet as we believe it was intended.

Emerald engagement ring from grandmothers ringUsing the Emerald from grandmother’s old ring to set into a modern Engagement Ring. The Channel-set Diamonds on the band are from another ring that the customer had.

Opal ring changed into pendantThis ring would not have been worn in its original state, but the Opal surrounded with Diamonds was still too pretty not to keep. We removed it from the ring and rebuilt the back so that it can be worn on a chain. Suddenly an old-fashioned ring is a gorgeous pendant in a classic design. What a transformation!


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