Wedding Ring in the Wash…

KH came to us with his wedding ring in pieces – several pieces! His ring had accidentally gone with his clothes through a whole washing and he had to open up the machine to get all the pieces back. From our reconstruction, it seems he did a really good job! He even found the Diamond that had come off!

Wedding ring with diamond for repairBefore: His broken ring and her existing ring to use the Diamonds from in their new pair of rings

The pieces could be put together, but since their old wedding rings had not been very comfortable anyway, KH and his wife decided to make a pair of new rings, using the diamonds from their existing pair.

After making the new rings, we also pieced the broken ring together and interlocked the two rings from the original pair. This way, they could be kept as a memento from their wedding.

New and old wedding ringsNew rings on the left; old rings – combined – as a keepsake on the right

The upgraded rings are handcrafted and solid, making them more comfortable than the old ones that had grooves on the inside. An upgraded pair of wedding rings – or anniversary rings, if you will,  that were made because of the unfortunate washing incident.


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