Figuring Out Your Dreams

The great thing about custom designing is that your options are endless. But this can also be the most difficult part of the custom making process, because you need to narrow your options down to make a decision. Some people have a very clear idea of what they like – and others have a wider range of tastes.

Sapphire and old pendant to redesignEW brought in an old pendant that she had stopped wearing, together with a loose Blue Sapphire – a present from her husband. She did not have a specific design in mind, but wanted something vintage-inspired, yet not too ornate. A ring that would not be too dressy but still using all the gemstones she had.

We decided to go with a floral theme that suited her marquise Diamonds well, and spread them out so that they would not all be concentrated on the top of the ring.

Sketch design optionsAfter a few sketches and discussions, we narrowed it down to two options. EW chose the design on the left, an asymmetrical and elegant option. We were so happy she chose this! It’s an exciting design because of the bed of leaves that the Sapphire rests on. It differs from a typical ring design where the band meets the stone on top, but still has a nice visual balance and a very elegant look.

Custom designing Sapphire ring with marquise diamondsMarquise Diamonds from the pendant will become leaves holding the Sapphire in the new ring

Fitting of handcrafted ringLeft: Doing a fitting to make sure the size is right before setting the Diamonds. Right: All dressed up – collecting the ready item

Handcrafted Sapphire ring with diamondsReady For Collection: Cushion cut Blue Sapphire on a bed of leaves made up of Original White Gold and Marquise cut Diamonds

We as designers can have endless ideas and crazy suggestions (although we usually focus on simplifying), but ultimately we have to connect with the customer and figure out what they want – even when they don’t know it yet. Our creations can only get as beautiful and exciting as our customers, so we are very fortunate to have the customers we have.


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