Redesigning Diamond Rings

C needed to repair her engagement ring and also wanted to redesign her wedding ring so that it would sit nicely next to the engagement ring. We made the wedding ring with a slight curve and chose a different type of claws for the Diamonds, so that the ring would look more delicate.

Redesigning diamond wedding ringSketch of proposed ring design using Diamonds from existing wedding ring. 

Redesign before and after diamond wedding ringBefore (Left) – Gap between the wedding ring and engagement ring. After (Right) – The wedding ring curves around the engagement ring. 

M had a gorgeous Diamond in a ring setting she was no longer wearing, so she brought it to us to figure out the best way to have the Diamonds stand out.

Large diamond before redesignBefore – A Large Round Brilliant Diamonds flanked with heart-shaped Diamonds. This setting is bulky and doesn’t show the heart-shapes clearly. 

Large diamond ring on sketch of new designSketching out options for a new ring with small diamonds on a split band.

Restored diamond jewelleryNew designs with settings that make all the Diamonds stand out clearly.

We made a ring setting for the large Diamond, set with small Diamonds along the band to allow the large Diamond to be the main focal point. The heart-shaped Diamonds were set into a pair of earrings with a bezel that outlines the heart shape and are great to wear on a daily basis. Each piece is now more wearable while also letting all the Diamonds shine.


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