Redesign – the Diamond Edition

We often redesign jewellery that people have been given and don’t like the design of. Sometimes it is not just about look but also about function and practicality.

1. Diamonds not in proportion to the centrepiece or the ring as a whole

C came to us with a ring that she had recently made with a jeweller who claimed to custom make. However, C was not able to choose her Diamonds and the shop had simply set stones that were not in the proportions she wanted. She could only see this when the ring had been completed, as she did not get to be part of the selection process. Since they had just spent money on making the ring, we decided to use all the existing Diamonds and simply swap positions so that the surrounding Diamond halo would be more delicate looking.


Before – The Ring looks unbalanced and heavy which takes away the attention from the main Diamond


After – The Diamonds in the halo enhance the centrepiece and the single band makes a cleaner look.

2. Double-halo with heirloom Diamond has fallen off


Before – C brought in a Diamond Ring where the whole top had broken off. Luckily she found the top after it had fallen off. The weakness of the design lies in the disconnected head and body of the ring. We used the same Diamonds to redesign a setting that would be more secure and balanced. Now the band holds on to the double halo and looks more together than before.


After – a split band balances the large top and the ‘cage’ under the halo joins the band at several points. Not only pretty – but also more secure.

Resetting and Redesign:
Before and After
Traditional turns Fresh
Resetting: From Square to Octagon

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