Before and After: Gemstones

The gemstones in jewellery that has been passed down in the family can be reset into beautiful new custom designed pieces. Following are some examples before and after our redesign.

Redesigning peridot ring into new engagement ringB had a Peridot ring with diamonds from his mother (left), which we redesigned into an engagement ring. We wanted to make a modern version of the old design by using the same elements, so we took the existing four diamonds and placed them into the band in the new design (right). With a less busy design, the diamonds – and indeed the peridot – are more visible.

Peridot pendant redesigned into modern ringC had not been wearing this pendant (left) from her mother. We chose to set it horizontally on a wide band (right), with the warm tone of Original white gold complementing the Peridot beautifully.

Ruby pendant made into a ringF wanted to refresh this pendant (left) so we chose to keep the combination of diamonds and rubies in the centre, but made the main stones stand out even more by setting the smaller diamonds down along the band, removing some of the bulk (right).

Ruby earrings with redesign sketchBefore: A pair of ruby and diamond earrings were used to make a pair of wedding rings for him and her.

Wedding rings with ruby from old earringsAfter: A great example of Matching rather than identical. The centrepiece design is the same but we used all the Diamonds to set along her band, while his was kept plain


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