A Drop of Dew, Reinterpreted

K’s husband gave her a promise ring when they started dating, more than 30 years ago. The pearl had fallen off quite some time ago and she had found a new pearl. The new pearl was larger than the original pearl, and the ring was starting to seem a little too thin and delicate so many years on. We decided to use the original promise ring as inspiration, but to make a whole new ring for the new pearl.

Pearl has fallen out of settingThe old ring missing a pearl and the new pearl that is too big for the old ring.

Sketch of new pearl ring designThe pearl became the centrepiece once again but the leaves were now more than accents. We chose to make a large leaf that holds the pearl like a drop of dew. Since there were two small Diamonds in the original ring, we decided to use them in the new ring as well.

Handcrafted Pearl RingIsn’t it gorgeous! A beautiful statement piece with the memories of a promise that has been kept for decades.

How We Do It – Redesign
Redesigning Inherited Jewellery
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