As simple as simple gets

A Solitaire Ring should be just that - a solitary Diamond on a band that makes it wearable on a finger. Too many details will take away the attention from the Diamond. Below are a few examples of simplicity at its best. Princess Cut Diamond on a modern flat band with brushed finish. Simple, modern,... Continue Reading →

Celtic Beauty

For this couple who met in James Joyce's hometown of Dublin, a Celtic inspired design was the obvious choice for the proposal ring. We discussed her likes and dislikes with the proposer, and figured out that Silver would be a good choice – One of her favourite (Celtic) bracelets is made in oxidized silver and... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Magic Number?

Age might be 'just a number', but sometimes numbers matter. Recently this couple came to us to design a pair of Anniversary rings. As it was their second year anniversary, the number 2 was a sure lead in the design; 2 years, 2 bands, 2 love birds... For her, we designed a double-band ring with... Continue Reading →

A Very Symbolic Set of Rings

This couple created such a meaningful set of Engagement and Wedding rings: Her engagement ring is made using a diamond from her father-in-law's old ring, reset into a plain solitaire setting. The casing that remained after removing the Diamond, is now set with a Blue Sapphire with a modernised bezel setting, and worn by the... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Blue Box

We are pretty sure that every girl would be happy to receive Tiffany's famous Blue Box. But there might be something even more precious than that. Imagine your boyfriend /fiancee/husband sneaking around, working hard to figure out exactly what type of gemstone or design you would want. Or knowing that he himself feels the need to express his love... Continue Reading →

Quack! Quack! Quack!

We recently received an email from a guy who wanted to custom make an engagement ring. The theme: A Duck. Yes, that's right. His girlfriend loves ducks, and our task was now to design a ring that had an element of duck, without being a duck's head in Cartier animal-style. A selection of the ideas... Continue Reading →

Our Wedding Rings

Since choosing your wedding rings can be a tricky yet important decision in your wedding planning, we'll give you some insights into our own discussions. Chris designed this engagement ring as a secret and threw it in the sea. Read more about the proposal on Wedding Guide Asia. According to Swedish custom, both the lady... Continue Reading →

The Power of Gemstones

Whether you are a believer of Feng Shui, the power of crystals, colour therapy or just happen to be a lover of pretty things, precious gemstones can be of great meaning and relevance to you. Apart from everyone having their special stone -- the birthstone -- each gemstone is also believed to have different characteristics... Continue Reading →

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