Our Wedding Rings

Since choosing your wedding rings can be a tricky yet important decision in your wedding planning, we'll give you some insights into our own discussions. Chris designed this engagement ring as a secret and threw it in the sea. Read more about the proposal on Wedding Guide Asia. According to Swedish custom, both the lady... Continue Reading →

The Power of Gemstones

Whether you are a believer of Feng Shui, the power of crystals, colour therapy or just happen to be a lover of pretty things, precious gemstones can be of great meaning and relevance to you. Apart from everyone having their special stone -- the birthstone -- each gemstone is also believed to have different characteristics... Continue Reading →

Signet Rings – Make Your Mark

Signet rings are most commonly seen in Europe, originally used by royalty and aristocrats. A signet ring will have a family crest or initials engraved on the top. The engraving is meant to leave a mark on hot wax like a stamp and was traditionally used as a seal to sign and seal documents, instead of... Continue Reading →

A Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

If you have ever tried finding a plain yet well-cut shirt you will know how difficult it can be. The plain ones are often of poor quality that are not built to last and the rest will have some funny print or detail spoiling the clean look. People have their own personal definition of what... Continue Reading →

Year Year Have Fish

The Chinese idiom 年年有余 'Nian Nian You Yu' directly translated means 'Year Year Have Surplus'. The English translation would be 'May you have Abundance in life year after year'. This is a greeting commonly heard throughout Chinese New Year. The character 余 'yu' which means surplus or abundance sounds exactly like the character 鱼 'yu' which means fish.... Continue Reading →

Can Wedding Rings be made in Silver?

When on the subject of wedding rings, most people will think of Gold or Platinum as the default materials. But are there other options? Muslim men, for example, are not supposed to wear gold rings and naturally have to turn to other options. This can make their wedding ring shopping more difficult as most shops in... Continue Reading →

Solid as a Rock

Let's face it girls, we all want to round off the proposal with a special ring for all to see. But does it need to be a 'Rock'? Especially in Asia, people seem to focus a lot on the size of the Diamond. How many times have you heard people asking to "See the Rock"... Continue Reading →

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