Why do people want matching rings?

It is common to look for a ring on the finger if you want to see if someone is ‘taken’. But rarely do we play a matching game to find the other half. And if we do so, we tend to look at face, dressing, or other factors that will make us find the right person. Not the wedding ring design.

From some worried couples, we almost get the impression that they are afraid that people won’t be able to tell that they are married to each other unless their wedding rings look the same. With the risk of sounding silly, we often use the example of wedding clothes: Nobody is worried that there will be confusion at the wedding if the groom is not in a wedding dress. We all assume that the bride will be in a gown and the groom in a suit. If they choose a matching pocket square or tie, is up to them.

In comparison, the rings should be made more to suit each wearer than to look identical. If you have short fingers, choose a slim ring, even if your partner goes chunky. If you’re not one for the bling, do not let that stop your other half from dressing it up.

We have great examples of couples that have made matching rather than identical rings – as well as ones that have just gone their own way completely. Choose what suits you. We are happy to discuss the best ways to add that little detail that combines your two rings. Examples below.


Matching the over-all look of the ring. Hers with Diamonds placed off-centre, His following the same proportions – but with rope detailing instead of Diamonds.3-Diamond_WeddingRings

Her ring is flat in Yellow Gold with 3 Princess Cut Diamonds, His is rounded and made in Silver, but they both chose a matte finish to ‘match’ their rings. 


Individual rings that suit each wearer: Hers – a Celtic design in Sterling Silver, His – the most no-frills design that he could imagine. This guy even chose to leave the ring raw, without any polishing or plating. 

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  1. We should really choose the best that suits our comfort. You really have some great examples of couples that have made matching. Thanks for sharing this post to us!

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