Matching Rather than Identical – the Blue Sapphire Edition

Since we make most of our wedding rings Matching rather than identicalthere are enough examples of rings with Blue Sapphires to get a post of their own. The Sapphire is often used as a symbol of fidelity, which makes it a popular gemstone in wedding jewellery.  BlueSapphire_Diamondring

Matching the stone colour. Hers with Diamond and Blue Sapphires; His with a square Blue Sapphire BlueSapphire_Infinity

Hers with Infinity signs full circle with a ‘lacy’ look. His was made more masculine with a solid band as a base. Both with one small Sapphire.


Sapphire_weddingringsTwo completely different designs, but the Blue Sapphires make this an obvious pair. 




Wedding Anniversary Rings in 18K White Gold. Her Sapphires are accompanied by Diamonds. His Sapphire is hidden inside. 


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