Mummy Dearest

You might be familiar with our Goldilocks mum necklace that has been popular since we started making it many years ago. We recently got a custom design request to make a mummy necklace with the mother's birthstone (Topaz for November) added to the chain. This lovely piece was made for mummy just in time for her... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Three Diamonds

Angeline wanted to use a Diamond from her existing ring to make a Goldilocks necklace, which gave her 2 extra Diamonds to set into another piece of jewellery. She chose to make a fine bracelet, with a small charm in the shape of a clover, for Luck. A custom designed Goldilocks Pendant with initials and... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks: Special Order

Every Goldilocks™ piece is made to order, and can be adjusted according to each customers request. We also custom design names and shapes for special orders. Here are a few customers who knew exactly what they wanted: Kevin used slow shutter-speed on his camera to draw this beautiful design out using a torchlight. A+ for creativity!... Continue Reading →

Will You Goldilocks™ Me?

Have you ever considered a proposal without a ring? For many people an engagement ring is a symbol of the proposal and what people often ask to see when you are engaged. But times are changing, and young people are looking at options that suit them better. Eugene is one of them, and this is... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks goes French

We say Bonjour! to the Goldilocks Moustache, the latest in our Doodles collection, and the first one to have been created by a guest designer. Introducing: Tiphaine Guillermou! A wandering soul, who grew up all around the world, she has landed in Singapore (for now). Tiphaine explains 'After reading Patrick Süskind's Perfume I became absolutely fascinated with... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks™ for You & Me

I was designing a Goldilocks™ for myself, for my wedding and wanted something that is less direct than, let's say, a heart or both our initials. To begin with, I was planning a bracelet saying mr & mrs, in the style of our yes/no bracelet (above) but the minimalist in me kicked in, and all... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Birthstones

As a child, I used to love my birthstone. It was such a pretty purple colour. Most of all, I knew it was special because it was just for me. I might have grown out of the magical beauty of it, but the Amethyst is still my favourite stone. And for those who think that only... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found: SER Jewellery Shoot

In the midst of spring cleaning our computers, we came across some beautiful pictures that have not been shown here on the blog yet. Artika Sulaiman's private sale company Sloane Elizabeth Robertson were shooting their lookbook for an upcoming sale and More than Diamonds and Goldilocks offered our jewellery to complete the looks. While on location,... Continue Reading →

Year Year Have Fish

The Chinese idiom 年年有余 'Nian Nian You Yu' directly translated means 'Year Year Have Surplus'. The English translation would be 'May you have Abundance in life year after year'. This is a greeting commonly heard throughout Chinese New Year. The character 余 'yu' which means surplus or abundance sounds exactly like the character 鱼 'yu' which means fish.... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks™ Doodles, Kawaii desu ne!

Christmas lights are up on Orchard Road and the season of giving is around the corner, so we brought Goldilocks™ to the Raffles Town Club for their Xmas Fair. A tad early for Christmas perhaps, but a ho-ho-ho-ing Santa and all the Scandinavian candles on sale at the fair, helped bring out that warm feeling of... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Pamela Tan

Hi Pamela, could you please introduce yourself? My name is Pamela and I do Marketing and PR for a fine dining restaurant group. What do you like about Goldilocks? Goldilocks is different from other jewellers as they encourage individuality and creativity. The more you want to push the design boundaries, the happier they are to make your... Continue Reading →

Proudly Presenting

We just found a Goldilocks™ customer  who wrote about her piece on her own blog. We are so proud to see happy customers, we wanted to show it off here! Note: A 4-letter word will cost $750 without Diamonds. For more info, visit

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