Just a Minute: Cheryl

Cheryl, a secondary school teacher, recently collected her third Goldilocks, and we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

You just collected your third Goldilocks necklace – what keeps you coming back for more? I feel that Goldilocks is customisation in its truest sense, since no two pieces are alike.

What do your three pieces stand for? ‘tg’ is my first Goldilocks. It is my son’s initials. Coincidentally, it also combines the first letter of my surname and my husband’s surname. As for Tristan and David, let’s just say they are the two greatest loves of my life.

How did you get the idea to wear your ‘Tristan’ and ‘David’ together? A male colleague, who saw me wearing ‘Tristan’, lamented that we women are all the same – we cast our husbands aside after we have children. So I decided to get ‘David’ and wear it together with ‘Tristan’ as a reminder. I don’t remove the necklaces, they may look dainty but they are in fact very well-made and sturdy.

You have shown interest in the Goldilocks Doodles as well – what would you like to see next?  I’m looking forward to Goldilocks in the form of rings.What will your next Goldilocks be? Hmm…We’ll have to wait till I have another baby? But that may take quite long, so perhaps an ‘&’ for now.Thank you, Cheryl! 

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