Goldilocks™ Lucky Draw Winner – Prerna Pant

Shopaholics Anonymous Sale 2010, was held in a beautiful space on the second floor along Clarke Quay accompanied with a fashion show across the river. Everybody who purchased from the sale, had a chance to enter our Goldilocks™ Lucky Draw to win a customized necklace.

Fashion sale setup in warehouse

And the lucky winner is Prerna Pant! A Strategist at Ogilvy, she had not seen Goldilocks before the event, but entered the lucky draw as a long shot.

Congratulations Prerna! You are the winner of our Goldilocks™ Lucky Draw! When you first visited our showroom, you said you never win at lucky draws or lotteries. We hope that Goldilocks™ can be your lucky charm!

We made you a mockup of both Prerna and a single P – what made you decide on the alphabet necklace rather than your name? A name necklace (in my personal opinion) is for slightly younger people and  I wanted something that I can possibly wear to work as well.

P alphabet necklace on neck

Did you have any difficulties choosing between rose, yellow and white gold? How did you make your choice? White gold looks too much like silver. Rose is too close to my skin color. Yellow gold was the only one that stood out the most.

What products or designs would you like to see next from Goldilocks™? More interesting funky designs would be great to see. And something incorporating rose gold and yellow together

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  1. What products or designs would you like to see next from Goldilocks™?
    Would really like to see items with gold, white gold and rose gold put together. Really love that combination!

  2. Hi Belinda, thanks for the feedback. We will keep that in mind. Goldilocks™ can also be custom made with different colours for chain, name and Diamond casing for a 2- or 3-tone effect.

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