Goldilocks: Special Order

Every Goldilocks™ piece is made to order, and can be adjusted according to each customers request. We also custom design names and shapes for special orders. Here are a few customers who knew exactly what they wanted:

Kevin used slow shutter-speed on his camera to draw this beautiful design out using a torchlight. A+ for creativity!

And the result, crafted in Rose Gold.

Gladys had a very specific idea in mind and made her own mockup for us to follow. Since Goldilocks is made from one consecutive line of gold, she mimicked the style using yarn.

When we write in a different alphabet, we need to make sure to get the writing approved by someone who reads the language so that we don’t make any mistakes. A loving son made this ‘ma’ written in bengali. It was made as a separate piece so that she can add it onto a chain of her choice. How considerate is that?!

What design would you make as a Special Order? 

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