Goldilocks goes French

We say Bonjour! to the Goldilocks Moustache, the latest in our Doodles collection, and the first one to have been created by a guest designer. Introducing: Tiphaine Guillermou! A wandering soul, who grew up all around the world, she has landed in Singapore (for now).

Tiphaine explains ‘After reading Patrick Süskind’s Perfume I became absolutely fascinated with scents’. Her ‘cruel passion for vanilla’ brought her into working with French luxury fragrance companies, which in turn lead to finding her real calling – design. Making sure that she was always working on creative projects where she could use her hands, she created jewellery and accessories before taking on a second degree – this time in Arts. Lucky for us, she chose Singapore for this.

‘Here I met Chris & Sara, and after a few jewellery classes (and beers) I ended up doing this moustache with them. What a delight.’

Why a moustache? Why should a moustache be for men only? I would love to wear one. Girls may want to wear one too, if they cannot grow one (hopefully not). I think it is a great accessory. And a moustache looks very dandy, very French, very masculine and provocatively sexy (but not on all of you gentlemen, I’m sorry).

What were the challenges (if any) in designing a Goldilocks? Goldilocks is one thread only. So no crazy double tip moustache with volume can be created. I first wanted to give it a bit of thickness, but had to try something else. Actually it’s much better to keep it simple. It goes straight to the point. The essence of a moustache. Curl, wave, wave, curly curl.

The Goldilocks ‘Moustache’ is available at and at 

131 Tanglin Road
#02-16 Tudor Court
Singapore 247924
Tel: +65 6235 8873

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