Ouroboros Rings in Two Versions

B & L saw our Ouroboros rings and liked the symbolism, but wanted to change the design slightly in order to make the rings suit to their own taste. By doing this, the look of their wedding rings was significantly different from the previous pair that we had made.

Ouroboros Wedding Rings

Left – Hers was made with a round band and a gemstone as an eye, his has details on the edges, giving it a more masculine look.

Right – His and Hers are made with a flat band and straight edges, but her snake has a softer shape of the head. This pair is a slightly more stylized version of the Ouroboros.Custom designed ouroboros ringsWe have made two sets of rings, inspired by the same mythical creature – yet all four rings look quite different from each other.


Ouroboros – A serpent in circular formation with tail in its mouth, symbol of cyclic time, eternity and the indivisible, self-sustaining character of Nature. 

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