When You Don’t Want to Repeat a Design

When browsing the web, you might find a ring that you like. You want to use the design, without copying it straight off. Sometimes, this also happens in real life. T&B were recommended by friends who had made their wedding rings with us. They were really impressed with the men’s ring that we had made for their friends, and wanted something like it but did of course not want to make the same. What we had to do, was figure out the essence of the ring and which part they liked, so that we had a starting point to create a similar type of design.

Custom designed Leaf inspired wedding ringsThis is the pair of rings we had previously made for the friends. The men’s single leaf that wraps around the finger is one of our personal favourites, so it was hard to find a way to improve on it. Eventually, we designed something equally stylish.

We needed some time to come up with options, so we designed the lady’s ring first so that we could use that as inspiration as well. She wanted marquise diamonds, which in themselves resemble leaves, so we decided to follow the shape when designing the men’s ring.

Wedding rings with marquise diamondsWe created a sharp and simple design that we were all happy with. Don’t you think it matches her ring nicely as well?


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