Family Diamonds for Wedding

F wanted to use his father’s old wedding ring as his own, so we resized it to fit him and made a matching ring for his wife-to-be, C.

Classic, plain wedding rings in Rose Gold, made to follow the groom’s inherited ring

In addition to the plain wedding bands, C&F wanted to make a ring using Diamonds from a collection of jewellery items that were part of their respective families.

Using inherited diamonds in wedding ringJewellery pieces that have been passed down from several family members on both sides.

They had a few different items that we used to select from, and what we didn’t use, would be kept for other siblings to make their own pieces from. Isn’t it lovely that they all share the Diamonds and make sure that each one of them has a piece that reminds them of the special people in their lives.

Sketch planning wedding ring designDiamonds from various family members go into this design that was made to accommodate different sizes of Diamonds. 

C thought that the sentiment of the ring was the most important, so she did not require the design to be symmetrical – she preferred that we used Diamonds from all the different items that she had brought down. Bezels holding each individual stone made it possible to work with stones of different sizes. We topped it all off with beading on the bezel to complement the vintage Diamonds.

Bezel set wedding ring with diamonds from family membersBezel set Diamonds from jewellery that has been passed down to the wedding couple


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