Inspired by the Crown of Thorns

You guys loved this pair of rings on Instagram, so we wanted to show you how they were designed. 

F emailed us describing what he had in mind for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He wanted it to symbolize the Crown of thorns and he wanted to incorporate a green stone. He wanted to meet us to design the ring without the girlfriend, but let her choose the stone. We advised him to either ask her down from the start of the process – or keep the whole ordeal a secret. crownofthorns-inspiration

Ouch! How do we make this wearable?

From experience we know that most girls will be happy with whatever ring you propose with. After all, it is the symbol of your love and commitment. However, would you choose to involve her in the design process – it only makes sense that she gets to be part of all decisions from the very start. 

Following our advise, F decided to bring her along for our first meeting and we discussed their preferences in terms of style and materials. It turned out that she preferred Diamonds over green stones, so it was lucky he hadn’t just made a green stone ring! Having decided to make the rings in Rose gold, they were initially considering a lower colour grade of Diamond, but after comparing a few, it was clear that the better looking diamond was the right choice, regardless of gold colour. 

Crown of thorn ring sketchTrying to create a thorn design that does not catch onto things or feel too sharp to wear daily. Here are some of the sketches we started with. 

They wanted two rings that would sit nicely together and look incomplete without the other (get the symbolism there?) This was a difficult task because we like designing rings that look good on their own – as well as together. After many sketches and options, we narrowed it down to this: 

V-shaped wedding ring sketch

A v-shaped diamond Engagement ring sits next to a wedding band with ‘thorn’ design with Diamond accents. 

We think they look nice individually, but still need each other for the complete look. We love how the rings are delicate and beautiful, yet have that thorn element that keeps them from looking too sweet. A beautiful, lacy thorn. Who would have known there even was such a thing?

Crown of thorns ring fittingFitting to make sure that the rings look good and that the size is right before we set the Diamonds

When the two rings for her were done, we started designing his ring to match. This was also a challenge, as he didn’t want a V shaped ring – which was the main element in her rings. 

Men’s wedding ring sketchWe decided that a minimal thorn design was the way to go, and after sketching a thorn both top and bottom of the ring – F suggested to make only one. Great call! His ring was made wide and simple with a small knick as the thorn. It can be seen only if he wants to show it, but he can always feel that it is there. 

Crown of thorns wedding rings

Following her choice of colour, this became a unique set of Rose gold wedding rings for him and for her. A crown of thorns that doesn’t make you bleed. Sometimes the design process is straightforward and sometimes it takes a few twists and turns along the way. In the end, we had three beautiful rings that both the clients and we were happy with.

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