Need Help Visualizing?

Many people find custom designing tricky because they have difficulties visualizing the ready item. Whether making a wedding dress or a wedding ring, it can be good to have an idea of the basic shapes that suit you. In order to help the piece come alive in your mind, we use sample rings and sketches. And of course, the magic stuff – Blu-tack. Who knew that a little dot of sticky could be such a useful tool in jewellery design?!


Trying out an ‘oyster shell’ design with two coins. 

Stone_on_sketchLaying the gemstone on each sketch to find the most suitable design for the wearer. 


Using Blu-tack to attach a Blue Sapphire to a double-ring band to get a better idea what the finished ring might look like. 

ReadyRing+sketchWhich is which? 😉 Comparing the ready ring with the sketch. 

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