A Danish Anniversary Tradition

Here’s a lovely tradition that we hadn’t heard of before! In Denmark people celebrate 12.5 years of marriage. Being the halfway mark to 25, it sure is a reason to celebrate. M brought his and his wife’s rings to us, to build a thin ring to join onto their existing rings. These new rings, which... Continue Reading →

Need Help Visualizing?

Many people find custom designing tricky because they have difficulties visualizing the ready item. Whether making a wedding dress or a wedding ring, it can be good to have an idea of the basic shapes that suit you. In order to help the piece come alive in your mind, we use sample rings and sketches.... Continue Reading →

Before and After

Jewellery is less trend sensitive than clothing, but after a few years (or decades) you might still feel the need to refresh your jewellery. Here are a couple of examples of rings that have been redesigned using the same Diamonds, but with a new look. We used the Diamonds from these 2 rings to make... Continue Reading →

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