It Feels Like Magic

We are in the business of magic. At least that’s how it feels sometimes. A few lines on a piece of paper can become a sparkly ring for you to propose with, an old-fashioned bracelet can be transformed into your most loved possession.

At first, a design has to come alive in our minds as well as yours, so we might need to sketch several angles or use blu-tack and rubber bands to illustrate and make sure that we understand each other.

We also utilize our ring samples. We keep them simple so that you can try them on and see what colour, shape or width you like. Sometimes, using the ring samples is our best tool – ‘blending’ them into something completely new. With this couple we found the shape and width they wanted in one ring, the texture in another, and the colour in a third. It might sound straight-forward, but it takes quite a lot of imagination to get from these three different rings to the new pair that looks totally different.

Textured slim wedding rings, handcrafted in 18K Rose Gold.

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