Inspired by Kate Middleton’s Ring


What would be better than receiving Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring? We would say, being proposed to with a ring that was custom designed for you, inspired by the Duchess’ ring.


B knew that his girlfriend liked Kate Middelton’s ring but wanted to make a ring that would suit her personality even better. With the Diamond halo set in a cleaner and slightly more modern design, and with diamonds on the band, this ring suits his fashionista girlfriend perfectly.


He also chose to make the ring in Original, unplated White Gold, for a vintage feel. The golden sheen makes this elegant, while toning down the ‘bling’ slightly.

Who could say No to this?


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    1. Hi Anna,

      We custom make each ring according to your requiements, so the price will depend on the size and quality of Sapphire you choose, as well as the surrounding Diamonds.

      Feel free to email us for further information.

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