Wear your Memories

Here’s a Pendant with a lovely story! T wanted to make a pendant for his partner, with a pattern created based on the locations of their hometowns - as well as Singapore, where they met! He sent us an illustration of his idea, so we just needed to translate it into jewellery. He selected the... Continue Reading →

Before and After: Transformations

It can be difficult to spot the potential in some old jewellery items, even when they are set with beautiful diamonds or gemstones, because an old-fashioned design sometimes hides all the beauty. Following are a few items that went through a full transformation. It is hard to imagine the results when you see the old... Continue Reading →

Un-blinging a Wedding Ring Set

Many years ago, M made her wedding ring using diamonds from a pendant that her grandmother had gifted her. Although she wasn't crazy about the design, she kept the pendant because the grandmother was convinced that she would change her mind one day. Now that day has come, and M wanted to set the diamonds... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Three Diamonds

Angeline wanted to use a Diamond from her existing ring to make a Goldilocks necklace, which gave her 2 extra Diamonds to set into another piece of jewellery. She chose to make a fine bracelet, with a small charm in the shape of a clover, for Luck. A custom designed Goldilocks Pendant with initials and... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks: Special Order

Every Goldilocks™ piece is made to order, and can be adjusted according to each customers request. We also custom design names and shapes for special orders. Here are a few customers who knew exactly what they wanted: Kevin used slow shutter-speed on his camera to draw this beautiful design out using a torchlight. A+ for creativity!... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks™ Doodles, Kawaii desu ne!

Christmas lights are up on Orchard Road and the season of giving is around the corner, so we brought Goldilocks™ to the Raffles Town Club for their Xmas Fair. A tad early for Christmas perhaps, but a ho-ho-ho-ing Santa and all the Scandinavian candles on sale at the fair, helped bring out that warm feeling of... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Pamela Tan

Hi Pamela, could you please introduce yourself? My name is Pamela and I do Marketing and PR for a fine dining restaurant group. What do you like about Goldilocks? Goldilocks is different from other jewellers as they encourage individuality and creativity. The more you want to push the design boundaries, the happier they are to make your... Continue Reading →

Proudly Presenting

We just found a Goldilocks™ customer  who wrote about her piece on her own blog. We are so proud to see happy customers, we wanted to show it off here! Note: A 4-letter word will cost $750 without Diamonds. For more info, visit Goldilocksjewellery.com

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