Non-Matching Wedding Rings

We often say that we specialize in designing Matching rather than Identical wedding rings, but we also make rings that don’t look alike at all. Some people want to match their rings exactly, others just want a hint of their partner in their ring. And then we have the couples who make their wedding rings just as they want them, individually, without needing to match each other at all. These rings are as much a symbol of their commitment to each other as matching ones are. Choose your own personal style and way of celebrating your marriage and commitment. Maybe that means getting matching rings because you are likeminded anyway. But sometimes opposites attract.

Black diamond and platinum wedding ring

Hers, a delicate ring with Black Diamonds set full circle in shiny White Gold. His, a solid Möbius ring in brushed Platinum.

Brushed finish wedding rings

Hers, a White Gold ring with Diamonds set off-centre. His in Original White Gold with brushed finish and sloped edges. 

Custom designed wedding ringsHers, a modern yet lacy design with Diamonds made in White Gold. His a classic men’s ring with a cabochon Ruby set in Sterling Silver. 

non-matching weddingbandsThese couples chose different colours and designs for their respective wedding rings, each to suit their own personal style. 


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