Land of the Midnight Sun – and Beautiful Design

We will be going to Stockholm and Helsinki on an inspirational trip and will be away for the most of August. We hear that the sun will set at 10pm and rise at 5 am at this time of year, so we are looking forward to looong days exploring Scandinavian design, cool weather and good company…

Stockholm in black and white

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  1. Hello,

    if you have time, from Helsinki, you can visit St. Petersburg (now it’s easy to do, because foreigners arriving in Russia on a ferry or cruise ship, without a visa can be located up to 72 hours). ferry Princess Mary comes from Helsinki to St. Petersburg night, about 12 hours. it can be truly inspiring journey, suffice it to say that living in the city as many people as in all of Finland 5 million, and of course, the grand imperial architecture.
    I’m sorry, that sounds a little advertising, I’m just your very small client, and I saw a blog that you are in Finland, it is very close

  2. Hi Philip, thank you for the tip. Hope all is well.

    St Petersburg is definitely on our list of must-sees. Unfortunately, there will be no time this time round, but looking forward to visiting soon!

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