Jewellery Doctors – To the Rescue!

What do you do if you loose one side of you earrings? Make something else out of it! Part of our restorations and redesign includes problem solving. When customers bring their items to us, they might be broken, old-fashioned, mis-matched etc. Our job is to figure out the best solution in each individual case.

This was an earring that was missing it’s partner. So rather than dismantling and making something else with the stones, we figured we could save the setting by keeping the original shape and transform it into a Sapphire Pendant.

This Pendant can be worn in two different ways, depending on how adventurous you are feeling. It is a simple design with a contemporary feel.

Are you feeling Horizontal or Vertical today? 

More examples of our restorations and redesigned jewellery: Resetting and Redesign: An Introduction | Resetting and Redesign: The Highlights

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