Resetting and Redesign: An Introduction

You might already be aware of our restoration and redesign services. The jobs we do range from designing a new ring setting for an existing Diamond, to customers bringing in whole collections of jewellery they don’t wear anymore and want to create a new set of jewellery that they can wear with pride.

A whole collection of inherited jewellery, here transformed to several new pieces to be worn and loved. 

A Diamond Necklace transformed! Diamonds from the old necklace were reset into a younger, more wearable design. 

Some people want to keep the elements of the existing piece, as a reminder of their history, while others simply take advantage of already owning precious stones that can be made into something unique and wearable. Jewellery is not as trend-sensitive as clothes, and many designs have stayed the same for the last century. However, taste does evolve, and many people feel the need to ‘refresh’ items that have been passed down from in-laws or grandparents, so they can add their own personal touch to the pieces.

The customer wanted to keep the Diamonds of this twin-design together, but we designed it into a modern statement piece that is a far cry from the usual twirly or yin/yang designs often found when using 2 Diamonds in one ring.

Redesigning is also an excellent way to ‘upgrade’ if you bought smaller items at a young age, and now have worked your way up, in career and in age, to want to wear jewellery as more of a statement.

Check in next week to see the result of this sketch – An Eternity Ring using Diamonds from multiple rings and pendants….

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  1. hi, can you let me know roughly how much it would cost to reset a diamond from one ring to another? the diamond is currently set in a gold band, but i would prefer it to be reset in a silver band. thanks!

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