Inherited Jewellery – A Design Opportunity

P brought in a diamond ring that used to be her mother’s. It had a large diamond, but it was set extremely high in an out-dated style, so it couldn’t really be worn. Since we were making a new ring, we took the opportunity to dress up the whole design a little.

Before: The Diamond was set too high to wear comfortably.

After: Same diamond in a lower setting. The criss-crossing band is inspired by the original ring and the added diamonds on the band add Wow factor.

This client liked the colour of the stones in the ring that her mother-in-law had passed down to her, but found the size and design to be too loud for a ring, so we took the stones out to make a more toned-down version.

After: Beautiful blue stones, seemingly random in placement, create a playful and modern ring.

The set came with matching earrings, that were also too big for the new wearer. Since the design still looks good, we decided to rework it into a pendant. We also thought it would look better facing downward, so we removed the ear clips and built a link on the other end, to be worn hanging down from a chain.

This was too big to wear on the ears but we liked the design.

After: With small changes, the earrings were made into an elegant pendant, to be worn – and loved, for another generation.

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