Resetting and Redesign: The Highlights

We have been doing quite a few restoration and redesigning jobs recently, and would like to share some of the designs. It is always so uplifting to see how something that is broken, out of fashion, or simply not worn, can transform into a new shiny piece to be loved for another lifetime! Here are our hot picks:

Remainder Diamonds from the customer’s previous resetting job, were used in these gorgeously simple 2-tone Earrings. 

Last week we posted a sketch of a redesign job. Below are the results; An Eternity Ring and a Pendant using Diamonds of various sizes from a bangle, a ring and 2 Pendants. 

Although many customers bring in several pieces to use stones for resetting, there are plenty of options even if you have a single piece of jewellery that you want to refresh or upgrade.

A piece of Jade from grandmother holds sentimental value. Here we have turned a traditional piece of Jade into a modern statement piece with polished White Gold on one side. The dawn of Scandinavian Jade jewellery? This is ‘East meets West’ in a stunning combination, if we may say so ourselves.

Do you have any jewellery that could be transformed into something new, stunning and wearable? 

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