Un-blinging a Wedding Ring Set

Many years ago, M made her wedding ring using diamonds from a pendant that her grandmother had gifted her. Although she wasn't crazy about the design, she kept the pendant because the grandmother was convinced that she would change her mind one day. Now that day has come, and M wanted to set the diamonds... Continue Reading →

Engagement and Wedding Ring Combos

There are so many options when designing engagement and wedding rings - and countless possible combinations. Some people choose a simple engagement ring and a more elaborate wedding ring, while others want a plain wedding band that they can wear anytime, anywhere. Here are a few combinations that differ from the first image that usually... Continue Reading →

Family Diamonds for Wedding

F wanted to use his father's old wedding ring as his own, so we resized it to fit him and made a matching ring for his wife-to-be, C. Classic, plain wedding rings in Rose Gold, made to follow the groom's inherited ring In addition to the plain wedding bands, C&F wanted to make a ring... Continue Reading →

Eliminating the Gap, Part III

The gap between engagement ring and wedding ring does not seem to be quite as much of an issue with our clients now compared to a few years ago. That being said, we do still design wedding rings to sit nicely together with the engagement ring. Sometimes we make the engagement ring and wedding rings at... Continue Reading →

Curved Wedding Rings

Sometimes you only need a small twist to make your wedding rings special. Following are some curved wedding rings to get your ideas flowing.  Plain curved wedding rings with brushed finish. Simple, yet different.  Curved Slim Wedding Rings. Hers with Pink and White Diamonds, his clean and simple.  Diamond Solitaire and Diamond Eternity Ring sit nicely... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Revamp

Anne had an Engagement ring and a Wedding ring from one of our favourite designers, Georg Jensen. For her recent anniversary, she received a ring with a larger Diamond, so she wanted to use the old engagement ring for something else. This is where we came in.  We removed the Diamond from it's setting, and... Continue Reading →

Every Diamond Counts

One of the important parts of custom designing, is getting the Diamond sizes and proportions right. Diamond accents are 'supporting actors' so they should enhance, but not over- shine the star of the show - the centrepiece Diamond. Finding the right proportion between the centrepiece Diamond, surrounding stones and the Diamonds on the band. When... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks™ for You & Me

I was designing a Goldilocks™ for myself, for my wedding and wanted something that is less direct than, let's say, a heart or both our initials. To begin with, I was planning a bracelet saying mr & mrs, in the style of our yes/no bracelet (above) but the minimalist in me kicked in, and all... Continue Reading →

A Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

If you have ever tried finding a plain yet well-cut shirt you will know how difficult it can be. The plain ones are often of poor quality that are not built to last and the rest will have some funny print or detail spoiling the clean look. People have their own personal definition of what... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Birthstones

As a child, I used to love my birthstone. It was such a pretty purple colour. Most of all, I knew it was special because it was just for me. I might have grown out of the magical beauty of it, but the Amethyst is still my favourite stone. And for those who think that only... Continue Reading →

A Ring for All Eternity

Diamond Eternity Rings are a popular choice for Wedding Rings. But finding the right one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So where do we start?  If you are planning to wear the Eternity Ring together with your Engagement Ring, you will also need to keep in mind how they will... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Kevin & Cheryl

Kevin Seah is a fashion designer who has made a name for himself creating couture and bridal gowns. Last year he extended his services to a men's readymade and bespoke line. Recently he also landed regional distributorship for Alfred Sargent shoes and a wide range of fantastic quality European fabrics. Cheryl Ow Hui is a... Continue Reading →

Can Wedding Rings be made in Silver?

When on the subject of wedding rings, most people will think of Gold or Platinum as the default materials. But are there other options? Muslim men, for example, are not supposed to wear gold rings and naturally have to turn to other options. This can make their wedding ring shopping more difficult as most shops in... Continue Reading →

Solid as a Rock

Let's face it girls, we all want to round off the proposal with a special ring for all to see. But does it need to be a 'Rock'? Especially in Asia, people seem to focus a lot on the size of the Diamond. How many times have you heard people asking to "See the Rock"... Continue Reading →

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