Eliminating the Gap, Part III

The gap between engagement ring and wedding ring does not seem to be quite as much of an issue with our clients now compared to a few years ago. That being said, we do still design wedding rings to sit nicely together with the engagement ring. Sometimes we make the engagement ring and wedding rings at the same time, but often the wedding ring is added on later, so we work around the existing engagement ring. Following are some examples of engagement rings and wedding rings that sit nicely together, with the gaps being a part of the design.


Left: Matching the wave shapes on engagement ring to make the wedding ring sit nicely. Right: The V-shape of the engagement ring inspired this bow-shaped wedding ring.



The wedding ring is designed to sit together with the engagement ring, with the shape curving around the Diamond in a continuous design. This means that the ‘gaps’ are built into the design, making it the main feature rather than something you want to avoid.


An infinity ring with diamonds all around. The narrow part where the bands overlap, is the perfect spot to ‘rest’ the diamond in the engagement ring.


gap_collectionWhen it’s not the space between the rings you want to avoid but just a stiff and unsightly gap – waved or curved wedding rings that work with the shape of the engagement ring, sit nicely by making gaps a part of the design. The gaps can even fill a purpose – they help ‘lighten’ the look so that the rings don’t look too chunky or heavy when worn together.


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