Quack! Quack! Quack!

We recently received an email from a guy who wanted to custom make an engagement ring. The theme: A Duck. Yes, that’s right. His girlfriend loves ducks, and our task was now to design a ring that had an element of duck, without being a duck’s head in Cartier animal-style.

A selection of the ideas we presented to our customer.

The customer’s girlfriend is not a fan of Diamonds (lucky guy!). She also is very fond of Silver jewellery, so we made the ring in solid Sterling Silver.  

During the crafting process, we check that the design looks the way we want it to.

This was a fun project, as it was a challenge to use elements of ‘duck’ without making it look cheesy or childish. The result? A playful, yet stylish ring that is designed with the receiver’s interests in mind.

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