Solid as a Rock

Let’s face it girls, we all want to round off the proposal with a special ring for all to see. But does it need to be a ‘Rock’? Especially in Asia, people seem to focus a lot on the size of the Diamond. How many times have you heard people asking to “See the Rock” when a friend got engaged? We often expect huge impressive stones that show how much our boyfriends love us. Not only does this set a lot of pressure on the guys, as well as the relationship – it is also quite predictable.

Surely, love and commitment is best reflected through uniqueness of style rather than the size of a Diamond?

Your relationship and your personalities are unlike any other in any case. So why choose an engagement ring – the symbol of commitment – that is conventional? When the design is too common, then everything really does boil down to the issue of size…

At the same time, we often hear, in our line of work, customers wishing for a special design for their wedding ring because it stands for something special. So why are the requirements for an engagement ring still so one-sided?

50s housewife

One reason that you often hear is that the engagement ring was a ‘security blanket’ for the lady, who had to stop working and dedicate her life to the marriage and family. But in 2010, how many women do you know who live their lives like that? Marriages have changed, the status of men and women have changed. So why have the notions about engagement rings not changed? Or have they?

Let us know what you think…

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