Redesign: A New Look

Ann had a pair of old earrings that she wanted to remodel. The design, popularized by Princess Diana decades ago, are still popular today - but it was clearly not the right style for her. Instead, we took inspiration from a pair of earrings that she currently wears and loves. We created a pendant that... Continue Reading →

How We Do It: Diamond Designs

Often people want to make a piece of jewellery after seeing a picture on our website or Instagram and although it would be easier for us to just say Yes and make it without further delay, we choose to do things in a more roundabout way. We will have you come down to see us... Continue Reading →

Redesign – the Diamond Edition

We often redesign jewellery that people have been given and don't like the design of. Sometimes it is not just about look but also about function and practicality. 1. Diamonds not in proportion to the centrepiece or the ring as a whole C came to us with a ring that she had recently made with a jeweller... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Eliminating the Gap II

J brought her Engagement ring to us with the hopes that we could create a wedding ring to go with it. Being an heirloom Diamond, it is not  a ring she wears everyday, but she still wants to be able to wear both rings together. The trick was to make a ring that would not... Continue Reading →

Letting the Design Lead

The million-dollar question Does size matter? Yes, it does. Sometimes smaller is much better. Below are a few Engagement ring designs where the Diamond was used as an accent rather than the main attraction. Inspired by the flowers that his fiancee works with, this ring is made with a leaf in mind.  His fiancee wanted a... Continue Reading →

Luxury is Comfort

Customers often bring along pictures of designs that they like and want to base their engagement ring designs on. Surprisingly often, we are alarmed to see the type of designs that are being sold or showcased on various websites. For one, the diamonds in the promotional pictures are usually huge (often at least 5-6 carat),... Continue Reading →

Every Diamond Counts

One of the important parts of custom designing, is getting the Diamond sizes and proportions right. Diamond accents are 'supporting actors' so they should enhance, but not over- shine the star of the show - the centrepiece Diamond. Finding the right proportion between the centrepiece Diamond, surrounding stones and the Diamonds on the band. When... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Diamonds: Asscher Cut

Looking to Hollywood for inspiration when buying an engagement ring might not be the best way to find something within your budget. However, celebrities are trendsetters and often dare to be different, so a little stargazing can help you with ideas. It might come as a surprise to some people, that while most celebrity Diamonds... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Kevin & Cheryl

Kevin Seah is a fashion designer who has made a name for himself creating couture and bridal gowns. Last year he extended his services to a men's readymade and bespoke line. Recently he also landed regional distributorship for Alfred Sargent shoes and a wide range of fantastic quality European fabrics. Cheryl Ow Hui is a... Continue Reading →

Solid as a Rock

Let's face it girls, we all want to round off the proposal with a special ring for all to see. But does it need to be a 'Rock'? Especially in Asia, people seem to focus a lot on the size of the Diamond. How many times have you heard people asking to "See the Rock"... Continue Reading →

Dressing up your Diamond

Ever wonder how different settings affect the look of a Diamond ring? Here are two Diamonds of 1.50ct, with the same dimensions in two different ring settings. Our two examples here are a Classic 6-claw setting with a thin slightly tapered band on the left, and a 4-claw setting with a rounded broad band on... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Carat

Being in the trade, people often ask us How big should the Diamond be? What do girls expect? We get these questions from customers, friends, and even people who are nowhere near engagement, but simply curious. The only right answer to that in our opinion, is ‘up to you’. It really depends on how much you... Continue Reading →

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