Redesign: A New Look

Ann had a pair of old earrings that she wanted to remodel. The design, popularized by Princess Diana decades ago, are still popular today – but it was clearly not the right style for her. Instead, we took inspiration from a pair of earrings that she currently wears and loves. We created a pendant that was similar in shape, so they could be worn together, without looking like an exact matching set.

The earrings inspired this pendant, in which we could use both Sapphires from her earrings.

Pearl had some old items that she wanted redesigned. We suggested an asymmetrical design that would make use of the variety of diamond sizes.

This design works better when your diamonds are of different sizes. The mix in height of the bezel setting, gives this pendant an even more lively and playful look.

After designing the pendant, we had eleven small diamonds left, which fit perfectly as a simple bezel-set bracelet for everyday wear.

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